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Have you ever considered offering more leveraged offers to your clients, instead of just working with them 1 on 1? If you're exhausted and burnt out from doing all the things, inconsistent income, and needy 1 on 1 clients, keep reading!

In my FREE masterclass, Inside How Leveraged Marketing Strategies Can Cut Your Work Hours To Part Time While STILL Generating MULTIPLE 6-Figures, I'm sharing exactly how I got off the time for money rollercoaster and stopped being stuck hitting a frustrating income ceiling, and ditched the feast or famine cycle for good!

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In this FREE masterclass, you’re going to learn:

How to repeatedly bring in new clients and cash every 90 days or less like clockwork, so that you have consistent income you can count on

How to incorporate highly leveraged and scalable marketing strategies. Translation? You remove the ceiling on your income while actually working less

The 3 proven launch strategies you can use to bring in 5 figures in the next 90 days! BOOM!

If you’ve ever wondered if a scalable business model is right for your service business, then you’re not going to want to miss this masterclass!

See What Other Service Providers Are Saying

“With what I learned from Christine, I had my first five-figure months (four in a row), was able to take 6 weeks off to work on a book, then added almost 900 people to my mailing list in 3 weeks with my first summit. I was in a yearlong program where I didn’t get in 12 months as much value and traction as I did simply from implementing a few of Christine's strategies. My advice for those thinking of learning from her? Do it! You will uplevel.”

Robyn Landis, Health & Fitness Expert & Author

“Using Christine's strategies, I made the most money I have ever made in one marketing event! From one webinar with a small amount of registrants, I made over $16,000. That was HUGE! Learn from her – you will not regret it and you will go further than you expect.”

Amy Lundberg, Certified Fitness Trainer & Energy Healer

“As a direct result of Christine’s strategies, I brought in an additional $39,000 in revenue with leveraged offers in 6 weeks just from simple messages through Messenger. You are going to get a ten-fold return on what you learn from her, so it’s way worth it.“

Tanya Varley, Transformational Coach

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